Denise Marth Memorial Fun Run 2021-2022

Denise Marth, a Nurse who worked with the local Ojibwa Tribe, as well as many other community organizations, had dedicated her life to teaching healthy living through proper nutrition, fitness, and outdoor recreation. Each year since her passing (excluding 2020, the first year of the COVID pandemic), the Denise Marth Memorial Family Fun Run Walk & Roll is held in her honor to continue to encourage family and community engagement in healthy outdoor activity.

In 2021 and 2022, the 15th and 16th annual events were held at the L’Anse Waterfront, both on Saturdays, on June 12, 2021 and on May 21st in 2022. Bay Ambulance and the Aura Volunteer Fire Department provided for the safety of the participants and Pat’s IGA, Walmart, Larry’s Market, Gale Eilola, Fred & Janet Roberts and Becky Stroube supplied food and refreshments. Baraga County Federal Credit Union, Paul Stark, Reliance Agency, Bay Auto Parts, Whitebirch Apiaries, Massie Manufacturing, Skyttas Country Feed & General Store – Auto Value of L’Anse, Ojibwa BP, Baraga Lakeside Inn, and Reid Funeral Services, also sponsored the events. A donation in the memory of Dylan Roberts, a much loved young person from Aura who had participated in the event for many years, was also made by his grandparents, Fred & Janet Roberts. (To be continued).