Who Received Grants Totaling $10,020 Program Support
Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly                                          Elderly Enjoying the Out-of-Doors Providing food, companionship, and transportation for Baraga County Elders to enjoy field trips to Twin Lakes and Copper Harbor
Baraga County Repeaters Association                                        Amateur Radio Classes Emergency Communications increasing communications coverage for emergency radio response in Baraga County
L’Anse Fire Department                                                                         Pre-school through 1st Grade emergency Fire Prevention and Safety Education instruction and materials
Baraga Area Schools                                                                                    15 Technology Lab Kindles to coordinate with Whispercast providing wireless services expansion in Library material access                                                                                                                       Elementary Music Department 6 Sonor Beat Orff instruments increasing the ability of students to participate in music education and performance opportunities
CJ Sullivan Elementary School                                                                Eyes for Jerry Prodigi Tablet for 2nd through 5th Grade use by visually impaired student to enable reading        Benchmark Assessment System for K-2nd online reading comparison assessment
CJ Sullivan Student Leadership Team                                      Positive Behavior Interventions and Support for K- 5th behavior expectations Hornet Hero Program
CJ Sullivan PTO                                                                                            Playground renovation project
Bay Cliff Health Camp                                                                       Climbing Wall construction for use by youth/adult Campers with disabilities for adaptive therapeutic value
Keweenaw Family Resource Center                                  Imagination Library providing free in-home books monthly for children birth to 5 years of age
L’Anse High School Softball                                                                      High School Softball Team  to provide high school age girls an opportunity to participate in softball at the Varsity level
Community Women’s Group                                                                   U. P. Made Artist Market providing public information materials to increase participation in the dissemination of Local Artisans crafts and performances

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