2019 GRANT Awards

Who Received Grants Totaling Nearly $16,000 
Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly                                     Elderly Enjoying the Out-of-Doors                                           Providing  social activities that relieve loneliness and isolation and improve health and well-being of Elders, including summer outings and holiday celebrations. 
Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes                                  An Outdoor Experience                                                            Providing a camping experience with supplies, activities, meals, and transportation for students Grades 1 through 6.
L’Anse Fire Department                                                                              Fire Prevention and Safety Education                    Demonstrations, Fire Safety Kits, and Fire Hats                       for 1st Grade and Pre-School age youth. 
Sacred Heart School                                                                          Library Re-Model                                                                            Updates with new shelving and seating options for             use by classrooms and community/family activities.
Western UP Healthcare Access Coalition                                   Dental Care Program                                                                    Vouchers to provide services to Baraga County                              under-insured youth and young adults.
SKY-Simple Kindness for Youth                                                 Providing Vouchers                                                                                    For educational materials, incentives, clothing, camp, field trips, and other extra-curricular activities and necessities for youth participation.
Keweenaw Family Resource                                                         Spring Fling – ReThink Your Drink                                                 Providing books, event bags, and toothbrushes                               to promote literacy and and oral health.
Baraga Area Schools                                                                         Computer Lab                                                                              Whiteboard for Middle and High School classroom                       education and community/family presentations.
L’Anse Robotics Team                                                                           FIRST ROBOTICS                                                                             Providing competitive student opportunities in the development of scientific, technological, engineering,         and mathematical robotics endeavors.
L’Anse Area Schools                                                                          Hornet’s Nest                                                                                               For the purchase of books and benches for 127 early arrival Kindergarten through 2nd grade students.