Apply for Grant/Scholarship

The Baraga County Community Foundation has surpassed all expectations in its years of grant making in scholarships and program funding.

The Foundation strives to create opportunities in key areas of focus throughout Baraga County, such as:

  • Scholarship Funding and Higher Education
  • Educational and Classroom Enhancement
  • Recreation and Community Development
  • Conservation and Environment
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Human Services and Senior Concerns
  • Historical Preservation
  • Heritage Programs
  • Youth Development
  • Human Services and Poverty
  • Community Resources Convening
  • Arts and Cultural Programs

Thanks to the generosity of the donors, the Community Foundation administers its grants and scholarships through an application process and is recognized as one of the largest grant making programs in the region. You or your organization can apply for a grant using the link below.


*To apply for a scholarship, please contact the Baraga County Community Foundation for more information on our Scholarship Cycle.