Community Convening


The Community Foundation has worked to convene area historical cultural sites in order to address their needs and served as a grant writer to access funding on their behalf from the Michigan Council of Arts and Cultural Affairs Rural Arts Program.  In conjunction with the Michigan Department of Transportation, a site mapping, signage and information program was established that greatly increased tourist awareness and participation in sites and events. The Community Foundation has served as a consultant and grant writer to access resources for Arts Educational programs in local area schools, and in support of community Arts and Music programs, helping to bring funding into Baraga County.


The Community Foundation has worked in conjunction with local health professionals to deliver services to Baraga County targeting areas of high risk health issues in youth, and family well-being. Working with the Marinette – Menominee Public Health Department of Menominee, the Community Foundation was able to act as a fiduciary to bring grant dollars into Baraga County for community health programs.


The Community Foundation has also acted as resource convener on behalf of other organizations and groups in Baraga County in researching the access to capital and funding grants for in-door playgrounds, community centers, private business planning, skate board parks, and poverty prevention initiatives.  The Community Foundation has also provided start-up funding for youth programs and has worked with donors in targeting areas of direct need.