Application Guidelines

Baraga County Community Foundation

Grant Qualifications & Guidelines

  1. The Community Foundation for Baraga County has a primary commitment to the people of Baraga County.
  2. Grants are generally not made to individuals. Nonprofit groups or organizations without certification are asked to apply through the sponsorship of a 501 c 3 or other similarly certified organization.
  3. Grants are made with the understanding that the Foundation has no obligation or commitment to provide any additional support to the grantee.
  4. Requests for support of projects must comply with the endowment fund’s purpose, as defined in each ‘Request for Proposals’, or in the case of scholarship funds, as defined in the scholarship application.
  5. No grants may be used for any political campaign or to support attempts to influence the legislature or any governmental body other than through making available the results of nonpartisan analysis, study or research.
  6. The Foundation operates without discrimination as to age, race, religion, politics, disability, sex or national origin in the consideration of grant requests and will award grants only to grant seekers who follow these same principals.
  7. Any nonprofit organization seeking funding from the Baraga County Community Foundation must fill out a Foundation grant application and return 10 copies of the application to the Foundation office by the specified date.
  8. A ‘Request for Proposals’ mailing, as well as a media release in the vicinity of Baraga County, will serve as notification bi-annually of scholarships and/or grants available at that time. Scholarship availability and Grant availability are announced in January through March of each year in local media news outlets. Organizations/individuals who wish to be notified of award availability must submit their emailing address to the Foundation. Scholarship applications are available at Baraga County area schools guidance counselor offices and students are also notified of scholarship availability through the local area schools and news outlets.
  9. The Foundation’s Advisory and Grant Review Committees meet annually as applicable, to consider grant requests.
  10. The Board of Directors of the Community Foundation meets within five weeks time of the committee meeting dates.
  11. Grant seekers will be notified within five weeks time of Board meeting dates, via phone or letter, if they have been approved for a grant or scholarship.
  12. Scholarship awards will be mailed to students and awards issued in conjunction with the students college or university. Grant award announcements will be issued within three weeks time of Board approval, and grantees will be required to sign a grant agreement upon receipt of the award.
  13. All students/organizations receiving scholarship/grant awards may be invited during the fiscal year to attend the Baraga County Community Foundation Annual Meeting held at the end of each January. Grantees will be asked to present a brief financial report and program description.  A written evaluation will be required from each grantee detailing budget expenditures, statistical data and program outcome. Scholarship awardees are required to submit grade transcripts and/or proof of registration, as applicable.
  14. The Baraga County Community Foundation will consider funding for programs which accomplish the Foundation’s original mission statement, a paraphrase but legal replica of our present and expanded mission statement, as follows:

“The mission of the Baraga County Community Foundation is to better the lives of area residents, now and in the future. The Foundation will provide leadership by managing endowments,               serving donors, and making grants to meet changing community needs.”


The Baraga County Community Foundation                                                     100 Hemlock Street     Baraga, MI 49908    or                                                               P. O. Box 338            L’Anse, MI 49946