2019 Scholarship Awards

The Ina McClintock Been Olof Been Scholarship Award was presented to Jonas Joki of L’Anse High School. Established by Catherine Been Hanson, former L’Anse Area School Teacher of Skanee, the Fund is designed to target students who exhibit exceptional intelligence. Enrolled in advanced courses while engaging in backyard physics experiments as a hobby, Jonas Joki’s interest in Math and Science would have thrilled Catherine to no end. Jonas is enrolled to Major in Aerospace Engineering and to Minor in Physics at Western Michigan University.

The Elizabeth Moyer Shelden Scholarship Award was presented to Noah Robert Treadeau of Baraga High School. The Fund was established by Ruther Brewer in the memory of her mother, Elizabeth Moyer Shelden, a former Baraga County Educator. Noah is known as a ‘Jack of All Trades’ who is well respected for going above and beyond to be helpful to others, while excelling beyond all expectations in his studies. Noah is enrolled at North Central Technical College in the Fall for a degree in Automotive Technology.

The L’Anse Achievement Awards are presented annually in three categories to L’Anse High School Graduates:
Vocations/Crafts, Medical Studies, and Engineering

The Vocational/Craft Award was presented to Trevor Nankervis, who in recognizing the vital necessity of maintaining the electrical infrastructure of our nation’s water, food, and communications supplies, and with an acute understanding of our nation’s grid supply and no fear of heights, graduating with a G.P.A. of 3.69, Trevor will be attending Northern Michigan University for Certification as a Line Technician.

The Medical Award was presented to Sarah Mills who has chosen a career path to target rural oncology needs, specializing in an area of medicine that has personally impacted her life in order to improve community cancer health care. Having served as President of the National Honor Society while volunteering in over 21 organizations and receiving numerous awards, Sarah is enrolled at the University of Michigan for a degree in Biological Sciences.

The Engineering Award was presented to Jonas Joki who has exhibited outstanding skills in the Fields of Mathematics, Science, and Physics. Also exhibiting an exceptional acumen for independent research and experimentation, Jonas is enrolled in the study of Aerospace Engineering with a Minor in the study of Physics at Western Michigan University.

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